• 3rd MEEP Symposium (Microbial, Enzymatic and Bio-photovoltaic Electrochemical Reactors Fuel Cells and Electrolyser Systems)
    Lucerne, Switzerland, 3-4 July 2019

  • Α. Tremouli, T. Kamperidis, P.K. Pandis, K. Papadopoulou, G.Μ. Lytras, Christos Argirusis and G. Lyberatos “Performance assessment of MFC units fed with digestate.” in: European Fuel Cell (EFC19)
    Naples, Italy, 9-11 December, 2019.

  • Tremouli, P. K. Pandis, T. Kamperidis, V. N. Stathopoulos, C. Argirusis, I. Ieropoulos, G. LyberatosConstruction and size optimization of Microbial Fuel Cells for wastewater treatment”, Protection and Restoration of the Environment (PREXV) Conference.
    July 7-10, 2020, Kalamata, Greece